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Track Maintenance

Railway tracks can be maintained either conventionally by manual labour or by the application of modern methods of track maintenance such as mechanical tamping or measured shovel packing. In India, maintaining tracks has traditionally been a manual activity and the ‘calendar system of maintenance’ has taken deep roots. In this system, a timetable or …

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Recent Developments in Welding Techniques

The welding methods described above have been further improved in the recent past by employing new techniques and equipment. These techniques and equipment are described below in detail. Automatic welding recorder The invention of a welding recorder, for controlling the quality of welding in the flash butt welding method is a recent development. …

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Purpose of flooring is to get a good hard, level and beautiful surface for living. The floors directlyresting on the ground are known as ground floors while the floors of each storey are known as upperfloors. Ground FloorApart from giving good finished surface, these floors should have good damp resistance. …

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The factors affecting work scheduling

The factors affecting work scheduling:(a) Time:Most of the projects carry time constraints in the form of imposed dates, thesedates may includeconstraints on start and completion of activities.(b) Manpower:Man power is one of the main in the successful execution of projects. The idlelabour time is paidfor and the strikes and breakdown …

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