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Track Maintenance

Railway tracks can be maintained either conventionally by manual labour or by the application of modern methods of track maintenance such as mechanical tamping or measured shovel packing. In India, maintaining tracks has traditionally been a manual activity and the ‘calendar system of maintenance’ has taken deep roots. In this system, a timetable or …

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MIXING Concrete

MIXING Concrete must be mixed so the Cement, Water, Aggregates and Admixtures blend into an even mix. Concrete is normally mixed by MACHINE. Machine mixing can be done on-site or be a Pre-Mixed concrete company. Pre-Mixed concrete is batched (proportioned) at the plant to the job requirements. Truck Mixing The …

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Critical path method with neat sketches

The most widely used scheduling technique is the critical path method (CPM) for scheduling, often referred to as critical path scheduling.  This method calculates the minimum completion time for a project along with the possible start and finish times for the project activities.  Indeed, many texts and managers regard critical …

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