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xbox live gold code generator

The free xbox live gold codes are available in various cards which are; a 1, 3 and 12 month card. The cards make sure that you enjoy gaming as much as possible and Microsoft still gets the honours of making huge profits due to the premium content available. The free xbox live codes are collected and given to various people in the world for promotional purposes. Also other than the free xbox lives gold points Microsoft also sells the points.The xbox live gold codes collect the working points and give them to their best customers and users. The xbox live gold code generator ensures that there are enough points collected so that they can then be distributed to the most frequent users who get them for free.
The xbox live gold codes are usually collected from various places in the internet. The following are places in the internet where the xbox gold points are usually collected;
• Gathering from the web; Microsoft usually looks for codes from different sites therefore end up collecting them and storing them in their database. After enough points are collected they can then be given to users for free.
• Giveaways; these are usually done manually that is the codes are collected from a given place and then given to a user for free.
• Creating new codes; the xbox live gold code generator from the Microsoft team has servers and algorithms which are powerful and therefore they can generate working codes with the help of has tables.
Once you order the xbox live cards they can come with the promo codes and your gaming experience will become insatiable. It is however recommended before you accept offers from any sites always check for their genuinely so that you can avoid spammers who are promising you the free codes. Once a code has been issued to a user and the user applies it the code is eventually deleted from the database and it becomes invalid. The code is therefore a onetime thing and as a user it is your perfect opportunity to utilize the xbox feel.

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